Some Fascinating Facts About Japanese Cars


2008_09_13_00_25_00_In 2007, Japanese cars have surpassed the production in the U.S. by 12%, which makes Japan the largest car maker in the world. This happened even with the fact that vehicle sales hit a 20-year low the year before. Indeed, Japan holds plenty of vehicle firsts.

In 1982, Honda’s Accord first came off the assembly line at Ohio. This is actually the first Japanese car built in America. Since 1976, Accord has already imported on the American road.

Did you know that cheap Japanese cars are sold fast, with about 150,000 cars per week through auto auctions? But even with these affordable prices for cars, not all Japanese or residents of Japan have cars. The high cost of gasoline is the main reason for such. Another reason is that paid parking places are very expensive. Most importantly, it is more convenient to use trains and busses as compared to driving a car.

Stratified-charged engines let fuel into the cylinder even before the ignition is turned on. Nobody in the world has actually marketed such engine until Honda did. The rotary-piston engine was also successfully marketed by a Japanese car company.

Gone are the days when there is a high fatality rate from auto accidents in Japan. Car airbags has greatly contributed to the decline. Other contributors include the improved drunken driving education and the stiffer traffic violation penalties.

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