The Most Common Website Problems Encountered By Site Owners

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season-1985856__340When you have a website, you have a big responsibility of constantly maintaining and updating it. To fully get the most out of your website, you can’t just forget you have it once it’s up and running as problems and errors may occur. Check out the most common website problems that most website owners encounter.

  • Broken links. Having non-functioning links can cause two main problems: you run the risk of being penalized by Google for not keeping your site content current and users will be frustrated and will correctly assume that you do not perform regular maintenance tasks on your website.
  • Non-specific Page Titles. The title is the most important HTML tag you can use to describe your page to Google and other search engines. Many sites use the same title for every page of the site and hence, they lose out on lots of traffic because of it.
  • Absence of a mobile version. If your website does not have a specialized mobile version today, you are shutting out a lot of potential users. Since Google is giving preference to mobile friendly sites, it is now more important to develop a mobile version of your site which offers the full functionality of the large screen version.

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Fascinating Gold Facts

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Set of gold bars isolated on white backgroundGold has been used to make jewelry as early as 4000 B.C. According to the National Mining Association, humans have been decorating themselves since then. Gold also has appeared throughout the ancient world, from the Middle East to the Eastern Europe to the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Gold Is A Transition Metal

Because transition metal can bond with other element using their outermost shell of electrons and outermost two shells, they are considered unique. The large number of electron that transition metals have will interfere with the common orderly sorting of electrons into shells.

Most gold jewelry is not made of pure gold. And the amount of gold in certain jewelry is measured on the karat scale. The word “karat” came from the carob seeds, which were used in ancient Asian bazaars to balance scales measuring the weight of gold.

Gold And The Health Industry

Gold is now used in medicine. Gold isotopes are being injected directly into the tumor’s site to destroy tumor cells without hurting other body cells.

In 2012, there were studies linking gold nanoparticles with a compound found in leaves in order to treat prostate cancers but such method has yet to be tested on human beings. According to an online publication of the National Cancer Institute, TNF-alpha drugs linked to gold nanoparticles can treat tumors successfully since the drugs directly hit their targets.

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Interesting Facts About Social Media In 2016

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social-media1Social media has become the bread and butter of modern Internet activity. They actually make up a sizeable portion of the entire Web traffic with more than 75% of all Web users using social media. It is expected in that more social media sites will pop out later on.

Some Social Media Facts You Must Know

1. Instagram has become the fastest growing social networks. For younger generations, it is more important than Twitter and Facebook. But even if it is the hippest site around, there are already pieces of evidence that its days might already be over since youngsters are now flocking to newer social media outlets like Snapchat.

2. For professionals, LinkedIn is the most important social network. It is especially significant for fresh workers. Did you know that of the 400 million users, 39 million are recent college graduates and students? Also, millionaires prefer this social media platform over the others.

3. For large-scale communities, Reddit is the best social network. On its 10th anniversary, it has about 36 million user accounts across more than 850,000 subreddits.

4. Are you familiar with Badoo? This is the largest online dating site today. It actually has the largest membership base by a long shot as compared to other dating sites like Ashley Madison, Tinder, OkCupid and Adult FriendFinder.

5. Do you know the echo chamber effect? This is otherwise known as the filter bubble effect and it happens when social media users can follow things that they already believe, as well as block anything that may dissent from those beliefs. Ideas then become amplified towards extremes.

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Things To Do With Google Play Store

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Over the past 15 years, Google has become synonymous with innovation and continuous evolution. They have been estimated to run over a million servers and process over a billion search requests daily. Anyone who knows technology knows that Google is no longer simply the leading search engine. The company offers email service, document trading, a social networking service and even its own web browser. Google took the lead in the development of the Android mobile operating system, one of the only phones that competes with Apple’s constantly upgrading iPhone.


Google Play Store uses cloud computing to store all your entertainment, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. Cloud computing is also a great way of storing your information because you never have to worry about moving your files or losing them, if anything should happen to your computer. You can buy close to any kind of music you’d like, with millions of options, as well as store up to 50,000 songs for free. You’re free to browse one of the world’s largest selections of eBooks, download over 450,000 Android apps and games and even rent some of your favorite movies, all in one place. Google has shown an interest in offering movies for sale too so everyone can enjoy watching movies in the comfort of their own homes, or whenever there is internet connection.

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