Facts About Reusable Bags

Business Trivia

eco-cotton-bagsThere are plenty of reusable bag options on the market today. Reusables are more durable and heavier bags, specifically made to have a longer lifespan. Oftentimes, they’re made of more than 1 material to make sure that the bag has an added durability and strength. This is also being done to achieve a more appealing look.

Every bag has an environmental impact. Most consumers today are using reusable bags, assuming that they’re being eco-friendly, not knowing that the reusable bags should repeatedly be reused for it to become beneficial to the environment.

In Canada, did you know that reusable bags aren’t being recycled? Since every bag can be made from various materials, recycling of reusable bags is time intensive, expensive and complicated. The bags must be deconstructed. Hence, this lessens their performance as an eco-friendly alternative – most reusables end up in landfills at the end of their useful life.

Base on a life cycle, heavier and stronger bags will have a huge impact on the environment, regardless of what material they’re made from. The reason behind this is that heavier bags make use of more resources, which then has a more relevant environmental impact.

For canvas or cotton bags to make the environmental efficacy of the conventional plastic bags, they must be used hundreds of times. Although cotton is a renewable material, the production of cotton is very resource intensive. Moreover, this is harder on the environment since the use of plenty of pesticides, water, fertilizers and energy is required to grow, harvest and process cotton.

Trivia Info Resource: cottonbarons.co.uk


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